The PTNZ system was developed after founder Brendon Cane began to look for ways to run his transport company more efficiently

As a multi-disciplinary transport business, Brendon’s company (CTL) had trucks going in every direction. Some were carrying stock, some were spreading fertiliser and others were carrying freight. Brendon needed to find a way to streamline processes to make sure trucks were operating as efficiently and safely as possible.

Before long, Brendon had surrounded himself with a team of experts tasked with building a system that would help him run his business as smoothly as possible. The result was a GPS-based system which helped him to track drivers, plan the most profitable routes, track off-road kilometres, monitor driver performance and much more.

It quickly became obvious that the PTNZ system would benefit any business that operates in the transportation industry. These days, all kinds of businesses from logging companies to crane operators are using PTNZ for the following benefits:

Track vehicle movement
Plan fastest routes and cost jobs accurately
Track off-road km usage for RUC rebates
Monitor activity at key depots and worksites
Account for time spent on jobs for team sheet analysis


Spreaders and Spraying

Spreaders and
Spraying Contractors

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How PTNZ can help you and your clients save time and money.


Off-Road Fleets

Do you have off-road

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Learn more about the PTNZ RUC rebate system. Perfect for forestry vehicles, cranes or any business which mixes between on and off-road driving


Large Fleets

Do you have a Large Fleet?

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Find out how PTNZ can streamline your fleet management and monitoring systems.


An accurate tracking system which truly streamlines your business.

What is PTNZ Top Callout

“We developed the PTNZ system to help us run our transport company more efficiently. Now, several years down the track, many other operators are enjoying the benefits too. People constantly tell us that the PTNZ system is creating significant, measurable savings in their business”

- Brendon Cane, Managing Director
  Precision Farming and Precision Tracking.

What is PTNZ Bottom Callout

Want to save
thousands of dollars?

Find out how NZ transport operators are using the PTNZ System to save thousands with our RUC rebate service.