With PTNZ, you can improve the financial performance of every truck in your fleet, and save thousands of dollars each year

If you run a fleet of trucks, Precision Tracking can help increase your profit. We provide a range of GPS-based performance products that will help you to make better business decisions and provide you with the information you need to improve your daily operations.

Fleet Performance Reports: Eliminate poor driving practices by monitoring idle times and excessive speeds that burn extra fuel. With your drivers co-operation, you can reduce your total fuel bill by thousands of dollars every year. Click here to see examples of these reports.

Road User Charges: All claims are automatically taken care of and our superior mapping ability often means up to a 30% improvement in the amount returned to our clients. Which means this extra cash can help pay for the system!

Real Time Tracking: Knowing where every vehicle in the fleet is means quicker and more efficient vehicle usage and management. Make sure all vehicles are where they are meant to be and stop unauthorized trips from costing you money.

Environmental Issues: Particularly useful for spreader operators with regards to proof-of-placement and any other compliance issues, reporting with PTNZ maps is easy and low cost.

Trip Price Estimate: Automatically calculated using the route planning software. No more time consuming manual calculations or risk of estimate errors that cost you money

Site Monitoring: Set up your own list of geographic sites that you want to regularly monitor e.g. regional depots, client locations, delivery sites, fertiliser depots etc.

Review and Report: All vehicles have a permanent historical running sheet for every journey, plus you can view any journey in a Google map window.

Automatic Roll-Over Alert: An automatic alert message is sent to management as soon as any truck tips over, ensuring driver assistance is immediate. This product is particularly relevant to those vehicles regularly traveling off-road.


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“I’ve been using the Precision Tracking system for over two years and find it very easy to use. It makes the driver’s job easier which makes them more productive.”

- Graham Kidd, Hobbs & Banks
   Mayfield Transport.

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